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Biomechanical Assessment for runners

A biomechanical assessment for runners aims at detecting and preventing injury related to running. It is a service which is as useful for beginners as for expert runners. Whether you wish to start running safely or to improve your performance, a biomechanical assessment is just as beneficial.

The assessment for runners focuses on three phases:

  • Functional assessment of movements when running,
  • Assessment of running patterns,
  • Assessment of the runner’s training parameters.

How we do a biomechanical assessment
for runners

With a specialized sports physiotherapist in our team, we will be able to help you start running or to improve your performance.

Here is how we go about helping you to practice your physical activity pleasantly, safely and in a satisfying way according to your objectives.

Here are the different phases of a biomechanical assessment for runners:

 Functional assessment of movements: Firstly, it is important to assess the strength, suppleness and stability of all the muscles involved during running in order to make an overall assessment of movements during your physical activity.

 Assessment of running patterns: To validate and assess the execution of movements when running. Therefore, the physiotherapist will be able to detect the risk factors in terms of injury and performance.

 Training parameters: To detect factors connected to training which may create mechanical stress for the runner. It is during this phase that the physiotherapist will discuss warming up, footwear, and training…


Following this detailed analysis of the way you run, the physiotherapist will be able to give you an exercise program with a lot of advice in order to correct the risk factors and therefore prevent injury and improve your performance.

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Make sure you bring your sports gear and your running shoes.

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