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Tele-consultation and tele-rehabilitation


The current situation only enables healthcare professionals to visit and come into contact with patients in the event of Force Majeure, so the Physio Proactive Clinic is offering tele-consultation services in order to continue to provide you with the advice, diagnoses and follow-up that you may require.

All you will need is a smart phone, computer or tablet in order to have an online consultation. In this way we will be able to make a diagnosis of your physical condition and continue to follow up on any treatment which began before the current events. After this, we will be able to make recommendations and follow up on them with you.

To do so, just make an appointment by phone or by filling in this form.

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Tele-rehabilitation is possible!


Once we have completed a tele-consultation and a diagnosis has been made, we will be able to proceed with regular remote personalized follow-up. This is the case for people who were already consulting with us and who would like us to continue following them up. Tele-rehabilitation enables us to offer a certain number of regular services, for example:


 Discuss the evolution of your lifestyle with regards to your condition.

 Advise you on suitable exercises and assist you when you are doing them with the careful eye of a professional.

 Take a look at your new desktop in your home for your physiotherapist to help you to adjust your posture and ergonomics.

Consultations in the event of a new injury or pain so that we can make a diagnosis and assist you in the recovery process

Many other conditions can be treated and followed up in this way. Do not hesitate to contact us in order to make appointment or if you need advice or assistance.

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