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Physiotherapy rehabilitation program for car accident victims (SAAQ)


physiothérapie pour les accidentés de la route

No drivers are free from the risk of a car accident. For some, the injuries may be minor and for others a lot more serious, leading to a longer rehabilitation period. In the event of a minor injury, it is important to take good care of it to avoid any consequences for the rest of the body and for your overall health. Any post-traumatic symptom or pain after a car accident should be treated to avoid chronic pain which could last a lifetime. Physiotherapy for car accident victims is recommended for maximum recuperation.

A little pain in the neck, the back, the chest, the head, muscular pain or tension in certain parts of the body may seem of no consequence, but should not be neglected. Even non-physical symptoms like fatigue, stress, anxiety and lack of appetite should be taken seriously. The latter require treatment to avoid long term aftereffects.

Reimbursement of fees by the SAAQ


Car Accident Victims

The SAAQ offers provides compensation for physiotherapy treatment in the event that you have a car accident. There are some requirements, but they are easy to meet:

  • Physiotherapy treatment demanded must be in connexion with the car accident.
  • A doctor must have prescribed the physiotherapy treatment.
  • The treatment must be given by a member of the Quebec Professional Order of Physiotherapists.

Find more details about the program on the website of the Quebec Automobile Insurance Company (SAAQ).

What are the benefits of physiotherapy for victims of car accidents?

We focus on an active approach to injuries to restore the function and return to normal life. You will find physiotherapy treatment useful for:

Relieving pain
Recover your mobility
Improving your functional capacities
Obtaining ergonomic advice


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