Physiotherapy Clinic in Ville-Saint-Laurent


Dear Patients,


As part of a collective effort to preserve the health of the population and limit the spread of the virus, the clinic will be open for urgent cases* requiring « physical » care:


  • a history of trauma or accident;
  • significant pain or movement limitation;
  • postoperative patients;
  • the presence of neurological signs and symptoms (sciatic pain, numbness, tingling or major muscle weakness)


*Please contact us to clarify if this is the case for you.


Our goal is to support the health system by offering an effective therapeutic option for these patients while contributing to reduce the congestion in the public system.


So if you absolutely must consult us on-site, it is important to declare if you have suspicious symptoms of COVID-19 (fever or dry cough), if you have been in contact with infected people, or at risk of being infected (e.g.: recent trip).


Note that we are happy also to offer you a Tele-rehabilitation service. Several appointments have already been made and patient experience is positive.


As you know, our approach is based on EXERCISES and EDUCATION. These are easy treatment methods to offer you from a distance.


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at 514 375-5348.

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