Physiotherapy Clinic in Ville-Saint-Laurent

Rima is a health professional with 15 years experience in rehabilitation for different chronic degenerative conditions. She dedicated a significant part of her life studying different approaches to help enhance her clients’ quality of life and well-being.

Rima considers the uniqueness of every person and focuses on an individualized therapy that targets the person’s wholeness. Her practice is built on helping people balance all aspects of their being (Mind, Body, and Soul) in order to find harmony. She strongly believes in the power of within and the capacity to heal oneself.


Rima is a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist who worked as a clinician and research coordinator for over a decade in Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Neurohabilitation.  She is also certified in Integrative KinesiologyTM, Naturopathy, and Angel’s Reiki. Throughout her career, Rima has participated in many provincial, national and international conferences and has been an author on several published scientific manuscripts.

Therapist Education and Certifications

  • Attestation in Fascia Therapy  - Kiné-Concept 2018
  • B.Sc. in Exercise Science - Concordia University 2005
  • Certification in inflammatory disease of the airways and lungs - Laval University 2011
  • Clinical Exercise Science certification - Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) 2012
  • Sc. in Exercise Science (Concentration : pulmonary rehabilitation) - Concordia University 2013
  • Translingual Neurostimulation Certification - Concordia University 2015
  • Kinesiology Provincial Certification - Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec (FKQ) 2016
  • Integrative KinesiologyTM Certification - Lucie Blouin Health Center 2018
  • Naturopathy Certification - Advanced Naturopathy Institute of Montreal (ANIM) 2019
  • Advanced courses in Integrative KinesiologyTM - Kiro Specifik Center 2019



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